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  • Apple Walnut Cake: I usually eat dessert the way this boy eats sticks of butter, but this apple walnut cake is so labor intensive that I can’t take a (sweet, nutty, toasty, perfect) bite without thinking about the walnuts I toasted and blitzed, the apples I peeled, halved, cored and cooked, the caramel I boiled and the five-pound cast iron skillet I flipped. Because of that, it’s the only baked good I won’t sneak slivers of throughout the day. Instead, I savor each bite by cutting and plating even slices with a big scoop of cold vanilla or dark caramel ice cream, which I believe is how normal people eat things. -GS


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  • Crispy Green Rice: I loved being an intern. I would glide around the office and peek at the big, bright desktops, trying to remember everyone’s very specific sandwich orders. A day full of sweaty errands would somehow transform into a magical evening event that I truly believed wouldn’t have happened without me. I’m not exactly sure if my dear friend and former intern Josie also loved those things, but I am positive she loved the very herby, kinda spicy green sauce from this crispy rice recipe that we cooked on repeat in the office. She made batches of it all summer long, and still does, because it’s perfect as a salad dressing, served alongside roast chicken and schmaltzy potatoes, or used as a dip for crunchy cucumbers, carrots and fennel. You should also use it as the recipe intended, but when you do, it’s vital to know that you can substitute essentially everything in the recipe and it will still be delicious. Farro for rice. Parm for feta. Pumpkin seeds for pistachios. An anchovy for miso. Leave out the raisins. Use just one kind of pea. Nix all of the peas, toss in handfuls of arugula or spinach instead. Make fresh rice, crisp it anyway. Skip the crisping step altogether. No matter what you do, this will be one of the simplest and most delicious dinners you can make, and that’s the beauty of The Green Sauce. -GS

Four of the, probably, forty bowls of this I’ve made.


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  • Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins: Our version of the idiom ‘don’t judge a book by the cover’ is ‘don’t judge a recipe by its terrible blog name’. That’s the case with these banana chocolate chip muffins from yes, a very questionably named blog. But these are the real deal. Last I checked they had exactly 420 (not kidding) five star reviews. Made with minimal ingredients, all in the blender (and I mean any blender, no Vitamix needed), and very freezer-friendly if for some reason you don’t finish them all in three days. You could fuck around and sub flax eggs for eggs if you are plant-based, but do not skip the chocolate chips. They’re the only source of sugar in here beyond the bananas, and I usually end up adding an extra ¼ cup or so to sprinkle on top before baking, because duh. -CK

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