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  • Red Sauce: A short note on my favorite marinar’. Being a third-generation Jersey girl, I know two things and neither is how to pump gas: 1. How to flip a table. 2. Red sauce. Marcella Hazan is the nonna I never had and while all of her recipes are incredible, her tomato sauce is red sauce royalty. It’s creamy, luxurious and the perfect base for any pasta, pizza, or parmigiana. So break out the parm and don’t say stop.


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MONDAY: Apple Walnut Cake

I usually eat dessert the way this boy eats sticks of butter, but this apple walnut cake is so labor intensive that I can’t take a (sweet, nutty, toasty, perfect) bite without thinking about the walnuts I toasted and blitzed, the apples I peeled, halved, cored and cooked, the caramel I boiled and the five-pound cast iron skillet I flipped. Because of that, it’s the only baked good I don’t sneak slivers of throughout the day. Instead, I’ll savor full slices all week long, cutting and plating even pieces before topping them with big scoops of cold vanilla or dark caramel ice cream.

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